Fashion Designers of Latin America return to Miami for Art Basel Week fashion showcase 

Today, the Fashion Designers of Latin America (FDLA) returns to Miami after over a year and a half for the 4th Annual Latin American Art & Photography Exhibition & Fashion Showcase: ARTE & MODA. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the FDLA has produced innovative virtual runway shows for events such as New York Fashion Week. This past  September the Fashion Designers of Latin America returned to NYC for live in person shows, and now they are back in Miami for their annual fashion and art showcase. 

The formal attire event, produced by FDLA founder Albania Rosario, is part of the Miami Art Basel Week, and will be held today, Thursday December 2nd and Friday December 3rd, 2021 at the spectacular Rosita Hurtado Atelier located between the Miami Design District & Wynwood Art District. 

FDLA | Miami 4th edition will kick off with their signature Black-tie red-carpet cocktail reception starting at 7:00 PM. Following an exquisite art exhibition and photo display by various talented Latin American Artists. 

The event will close with an artistic fashion showcase by selected FDLA Designers as follows: 

FDLA Designers December 2nd

  1. Rochi Kahn (Peru)
  2. FDLA, Rosita Hurtado, Fashion Designers of Latin America

    Fashion designer, Rosita Hurtado. Read her story, here. (Photo source:

    Paris Rodriguez (Colombia)

  3. Nothing 2 Wear Concept (New York)
  4. Rosita Hurtado (Bolivia)

FDLA Designers December 3rd

  1. Indira & Isidro (Mexico)
  2. Yas Gonzalez & Asiel Babastro (Cuba)
  3. Idol Jose (Venezuela)
  4. Mich Roman (Dominican Republic)
  5. Willfredo Gerardo (Mexico)


  1. Arte Latam (Various Artists)
  2. BabastroxYas (Cuba)
  3. By Ayala (Indigenous Artists)
  4. Chance Watt (LA)
  5. Enrrique Cabrera (Mexico)
  6. Leonardo Contreras (Mexico)
  7. Marta Alexandrovna (Miami)

Doors Open at 7:00PM | Cocktail Reception & Red Carpet &Art Exhibition 7-9 PM | Fashion Showcase 9-10 PM. Formal attire is required | all attendees must be 21 & over to attend. SEE HERE for tickets.

All guests must adhere to COVID-19 guidelines. Please read FDLA’s COVID-19 protocol here.


  • Victoria Arena is a writer and student, passionate about writing, literature, and women's studies. She is bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish. In 2017, she received her Associates in Fine Arts for Creative Writing from Brookdale Community College. Now, she is working toward her Bachelor's in English Literature at Montclair State University. Along with literature, Victoria is interested in Gender and Sexuality Studies, which she is pursuing as a minor, focusing closely on women's issues, gender inequality, and LGBT issues. These studies provide her with a feminist lens, which influences her work from both fiction to academic writings.

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