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Hottest summer 2021 fitness trends to try 

Summer and sunshine is just around the corner! With nice weather on the horizon, I’m sure you’re itching to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and get moving after a long winter cooped up inside–and a year of pandemic-related lockdowns and restrictions! 

This summer loosen those limbs with some fun, summer fitness trends. 

5 Top fun fitness trends to try this summer 

Outdoor Yoga + Meditation 

Get in the zone this summer and enjoy the fresh air with outdoor yoga and meditation. Go solo or gather some friends for a safe, socially distant yoga session outdoors and soak in that Vitamin D. Just a few stretches and deep breathing exercises a day will go a long way in reducing stress, stabilizing your mood, improving strength and flexibility, and reducing back pain. 

Hybrid fitness classes 

In the age of virtual everything this past year, hybrid fitness classes have become increasingly popular. These classes combine a variety of fitness styles and exercises such as Pilates and sprints. These all-in-one workouts aim to target the whole body with a fun, exciting variety of exercises. Look for virtual classes online or even search up some total body workout videos on YouTube to get started. 


Featured in Elle Magazine, FaceGym offers online one-to-one workouts that help to sculpt, lift and tone the face. You might be thinking, “Workout my face? Why would I do that?” It sounds a bit strange at first, but when you think about it, your face has muscles that need to be exercised too. For many who have been working from home, or who spend many hours sitting, facial tension is a real thing and no joke. FaceGym is working to help those who struggle with facial tension by targeting key areas in the jaw, neck, head, and eyes. They also offer pre-work face workouts at 8AM every day to prepare you for the workday. Check out more here


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Wearable tech 

Fitbits and fitness trackers are nothing new, but in the past year there’s been a significant rise in the use of wearable tech and the use of wearable tech has actually been found to increase and help maintain one’s overall fitness activity. Perhaps we just love to see our numbers rise or compete with friends to “get our daily steps in” but either way, it’s one summer trend that is sure to stay around. This summer, consider starting a personal challenge or make it a group activity with friends and family as you all track your progress throughout the season! 

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Last but certainly not least–dance! As Latinas, dance is part of our culture and in our blood. We can’t help moving when we hear a good beat. After a year of pandemic stress, isolation, and low spirits, let’s lift those spirits with some good vibes and get moving. Dancing is a perfect, fun, low-intensity way to get your daily cardio in so put on your dancing shoes (aka some very comfortable athletic shoes), turn up the music, and get started! The beauty of dance is you can do it anywhere. Dance to your favorite music in the comfort of your own home, or head outside to dance in the sunshine.


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