Top 5 Spring/Summer 2021 beauty trends for Latinas 

Looking to get ready for the warmer months and the summer post-COVID? Get inspired with these top Spring/Summer 2021 beauty trends for Latinas. 

Bold colors are in! 

Ditch the neutrals, 2021 is all about making a statement. Be bold with your color choices this summer. 

  1. Bold lips and bright eyeshadows are the way to go.

For Latinas, a go to lip color is fuchsia. Vibrant and exciting, this color will give you just the right pop to stand out. 

For your eyes, mix things up with some bright colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new colors that you may have avoided in the past. Some vibrant colors you might be seeing this year are bright blues and greens. After a year stuck inside, it’s time we put some color back into our lives with lively, fun hues.  

  1. Soft, smokey eyes

If you’re not ready to commit to the BRIGHT summer looks, maybe this Spring/Summer 2021 beauty trend might be more your style? Smokey eyes are a timeless look and a soft, smokey eye is the perfect look when you want to accentuate your eyes. Great for dates–Zoom or IRL–this look is sophisticated and confident.

  1. Glowing skin 

As the warmer months approach, one trend that will be popping up in the “fresh-faced vacation glow.” Whether you’ve actually been on a restful vacation or not, this look is easily achievable with a combination of products and technique. You can layer complexion products like highlighter and blush to create a multidimensional makeup look that will leave your skin looking glowy and fabulous. 

Photo by Nick Noel on Unsplash

  1. Rosy cheeks and warm-tone highlighters

On the topic of blush and highlighter, for Latinas rosy and warm-tones are the way to go especially for those with deeper complexions. Accentuate your natural features with warm highlighters such as peach, copper, bronze, and gold colors. 

For your cheeks, go for a rosy color. Cool tones will clash with darker skin, so again keep to those warm colors. Coral blush is a shade that works well on both cool and warm undertones and is versatile for both light and dark skin. For lighter skin tones, apply just touch to cheeks; for darker tones, layer on a bit more for a nice, natural flush. Blend the blush into the apples of your cheeks and then up and out towards your cheekbones.

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  1. Natural Waves and ‘70s chic

Last but not least: hair. For all you ladies with curly or wavy hair, everyone is going to be jealous of you this summer because the natural wave look is in! It’s time to embrace those waves not fight them. 

Check out this Latina YouTuber’s styling video for tips and tricks on how to perfect the natural wave look. 

Other big hair trends for Spring/Summer 2021 are ‘70s inspired looks like the mullet shag look, Farah Fawcett hair, curtain bangs and ‘60’s era mod bangs, and so much more!

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