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Northern USA-India Business Council to host inaugural USA-India Business Summit for Women

The Northern USA – India Business Council of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) will host its inaugural USA-India Business Summit for Women on December 8, 2020. The USA-India Business Summit for Women will take place virtually and aims to promote enhanced bilateral cooperation between women business owners in the United States and India. The theme of the Summit is “Fostering Economic Links and Cross-Border Connectivity.”


Fostering economic links and cross-border connectivity

The Summit will bring together women entrepreneurs from the United States and India, along with leaders in business and government, for cross-border connections, dialogue, and networking. The event will focus on supporting women entrepreneurs from all sectors and fostering economic growth of women-owned businesses from both countries. 

“We are pleased to host the USA-India Business Summit for Women to help promote trade, commerce and investment opportunities for women entrepreneurs and to empower women from both nations to succeed in the economic mainstream,” said Tonya McNeal-Weary, President of the Northern USA – India Business Council. “In today’s economic climate, expanding opportunities, access and connectivity for women-owned businesses are more important than ever before.”

The Summit will feature inspiring speakers from both the United States and India, inspiring panel discussions focused on cross-border marketing and women in STEM, parallel sessions on topics including, Cross-Border Partnerships, Global Entrepreneurship, and Leadership and Innovation.

Speakers will include: Susana G Baumann, President and CEO of Latinas in Business; Dr. Harbeen Arora, Founder of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI); Mr. Raju Chinthala, Founder of Indiana India Business Council; Candice Corby, CEO of Cobra Legal Solutions; Kavita Lakhani, President of GolinOpinion; Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe, Founder and CEO of Upshift Global; Vaishali Vaishnav, Founder of India Ka Fashion; Dr. Jeannice Fairrer Samani, Founder of Fairrer Samani Group, LLC; Vitika Banerjee, Founder of Fourth Dimension Experience; Tsegga Medhin, President of UN Women USA NC; Kim Boudreau Smith, Founder of Her Bold Voice Speaks!; Dr. Rajashree Krishnaswamy, Founder of Catalyze Center for Learning; Reshma Thakur, Owner of Ishaan Enterprises; Vayjayanti Pugalia, Founder of Sonalis Cubo; and Dr. Shalini Sehgal, Associate Professor, Department of Food Technology at the Bhaskaracharya College, University of Delhi.

PROGRAM AGENDA USA-India Business Summit for Women  Click HERE to register for the Summit! 

“It is so heartening to see that despite the difficult times when markets have collapsed globally, women entrepreneurs across India and the USA are taking the lead in re-energizing business sentiment and focus,” said Dr. Harbeen Arora, Founder and President of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI). “I congratulate Tonya McNeal-Weary on this empowering endeavor that will not only bring together businesswomen and entrepreneurs from the USA and India, but also engage multilaterally with WICCI councils worldwide, amplifying the voice of women for progress and prosperity for all.”

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About the Northern USA–India Business Council

The Northern USA – India Business Council is a wing of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI), the first independent National Business Chamber for women in India. Supported by ALL Ladies League (ALL) and Women Economic Forum (WEF), the WICCI aims to bring about fundamental changes in governmental policies, laws and incentives with a key focus on encouraging and empowering women-owned businesses across all sectors to become more competitive in the business world.

Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) is a premier National Business Chamber for Women in India envisioning Global Impact for Women Entrepreneurs, Businesswomen and Professionals from all walks of life. Supported by the massive global networks of ALL Ladies League (ALL), Women Economic Forum (WEF) and SHEconomy, with 250,000 members and supporters worldwide, including 60,000 in India: WICCI drives fundamental changes in governmental policies, laws, incentives and entrepreneurial ecosystems, with a view to robustly encourage and empower women in business, industry and commerce across all sectors and fields.

For more information on the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce, visit


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