Linda González is a bilingual life coach, facilitative consultant, and author. Her passion is working with people and organizations that are committed to racial justice, joy, and healing. Linda’s drive behind much of her work is to fight injustice in the workplace and instead help leaders foster an equal workplace environment.  

She enjoys working with individuals, teams, and organizations who are committed to structural, sustainable equity. 

Facing negativity and injustice in the workplace

Linda González, life coach, writer, and activist fighting for equality in the workplace (Photo courtesy Linda González)

Linda’s passion for equality and justice in the workplaces comes from her own past experiences of negativity and injustice in the workplace. 

When Linda first began her career after graduating from USC with a Masters in Social Work, she first worked for Alameda Social Services and then the Native American Health Center. 

“I experienced negative situations as an employee when I challenged unfair practices in both places,” she says. “I had negative experiences in my jobs because I did not acknowledge or know how to manage power dynamics effectively. I had to make time to learn about my own internalized beliefs and how they impacted my actions to either further inequity or dismantle it.” 

After facing injustice in the workplace for challenging unfair practices, Lisa decided she would thrive better as a self-employed entrepreneur who could impact inequities in organizations as an independent voice. 

“As I saw how challenging it was for people to change from habits steeped in systems that favored those with the most privilege, I added coaching to my services to support leaders in shifting their mindset to use their privilege to create and sustain access for more voices and gifts,” says Linda. 

From here, Linda slowly began building her self employment. She learned how to stand up for herself and prioritize her goals for success and fulfillment. 

“I learned that I had to be loyal to my values and my long-term goals and not to people or organizations that wanted me to play small,” she says.  

It was tough starting out at first, and Linda faced some obstacles, as many do when venturing out into a new business or career path. 

“It was very tough to generate income as I also became a mom of twins, ended my relationship, and lost my parents within seven years,” says Linda. “What sustained me during this time was a deepening Buddhist and indigenous-based spiritual practice and a strong, loving community. It is my core belief that my path, while rocky, is the one I was born to live.” 

Linda prioritizes uplifting BIPOC voices as an author and editor (Photo courtesy Linda González)

Uplifting underrepresented voices 

One of Linda’s biggest strengths is her ability to embrace herself for who she is and also uplift others who need it most. 

“As a Latina, I embrace my fullness culturally. Many people say that they don’t feel Latina enough or ‘American’ enough. I focus on being the mix that is most authentically me and avoiding comparing myself to others,” says Linda. “Instead I use others to inspire me and remind me that we all have our contributions to make rather than sinking into the dominant culture of scarcity and competition.” 

Linda chooses to see each person’s differences as a way to connect and collaborate rather than compare. 

“I am always looking to collaborate and elevate voices that are disregarded. I know what that feels like, especially when done over many generations.” 

One of the ways she is working to elevate voices is through her work as a writer and editor. As an author, Linda explores her own experiences as a Latina facing injustice in the workplace but also includes the experiences of others who have faced similar issues. 

“One of my good friends and a client at one time asked me about ten years ago: ‘When are you going to write that book?’ ‘What book?’ I said. ‘The book about what you know,’ she replied. My newly published book “Research” at library Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling is that book. It is full of anecdotes from my life and my clients’ lives that affirm my path and wish to reach more people, sharing my prosperity practices to make the road smoother for others and validate their experiences of real glass ceilings.” 

As an author and editor, Linda works to uplift the voices of underrepresented voices (Photo courtesy Linda González)

Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling offers simple, proven prosperity practices to address power dynamics faced by BIPOC and other underrepresented communities. Many people attempt to navigate glass ceilings by reading self-help and motivational books that send the message that vision boards, meditation apps, and affirmations will compensate for exclusionary policies and laws. This book rejects the “one size fits all” approach to career development and self-care that leads people to internalize their own glass ceiling. If you are ready for a full-hearted breakthrough, this book can be your daily guide and inspiration. 

Linda is also part of a writing group and has hosted day-long writing events for women of color. As an editor, she prioritizes uplifting the works of writers of color whose voices are so important, especially now during our country’s current political climate. 

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Break through your own glass ceiling 

Linda’s mission is to create a more equal workplace for all. Everybody should be able to go for their dreams and have the same equal opportunities in their career. Linda is working to dismantle the culture of negativity and inequality that has been prevalent in the workplace for too long. 

To other minority women who are looking to break through their own glass ceiling and achieve success in their career Linda advises you to take the time to really understand your goals and be ready to take risks. 

“Take the time to understand your purpose, your support system, and your financial timeline and assets,” she says. “Create a council of people who have the experience and love to keep you on your path and make sure you never feel alone. Be a life-long learner and avoid the trap of thinking there is a moment when life will stop throwing you challenges. Being fully alive means you are taking risks to grow and inspire others.” 


  • Victoria Arena

    Victoria Arena is a writer and student, passionate about writing, literature, and women's studies. She is bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish. She holds an Associates in Fine Arts for Creative Writing, and a Bachelor's in English Literature from Montclair State University.

By Victoria Arena

Victoria Arena is a writer and student, passionate about writing, literature, and women's studies. She is bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish. She holds an Associates in Fine Arts for Creative Writing, and a Bachelor's in English Literature from Montclair State University.

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