First Lady of New Jersey Tammy S. Murphy emphasized the need for women entrepreneur leadership and women investing in each other at the 2019 Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch organized by Latinas in Business Inc. The event took place at the Hudson County Culinary Conference Center on June 13, 2019 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. The Hispanic-serving institution was co-hosting the event.

“We are extremely grateful to Mrs. Murphy for showing up for Latinas and other women entrepreneurs,” said Susana G Baumann. “This Administration is proving that inclusion of diverse groups and especially women have a high priority in their agenda,” she added.

First Lady of New Jersey

Mrs Tammy S. Snyder, First Lady of New Jersey, addresses women and men entrepreneurs at the 2019 Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch in Jersey City.

Organizational leaders, celebrities, social media influencers and successful entrepreneurs gathered for interactive discussions, peer-to peer knowledge sharing from successful Latinas and other women and men entrepreneurs “who have done it,” and for all to meet one-on-one with experts, influencers and decision-makers who can help them grow and expand their reach to new markets.

Mrs. Murphy talked about the importance of supporting women in our society. “When you invest in women and their success,” she said, “you are investing in the success of the entire state. We have already seen what happens when opportunities for women are overlooked and when their resources are underfunded. Women’s health center have been closed and in turn, women’s health declines. Not only at this point we have seen increase in breast and cervical cancer but New Jersey is ranked 45th in the nation in terms of maternal mortality.”

Among other topics, the First Lady also referred to gender discrimination, the need to fight to avoid climate change, and the importance of women leadership. “As women, we must lead the way to enact the changes we want to see,” she added.

“This year theme, Beauty, Health and Wealth: Taking Charge of Our Lives, was reflective of trillion-dollar industries. As Mrs. Murphy pointed out, we are looking for healthier choices that help us make better decisions for ourselves, our families and our communities. Only by supporting each other and lifting each other up, we will find the strength and persistence needed to reach equality and equity in every space and in every room,” Baumann added.

Other distinguished decision-makers were Hester Agudosi, Esq, Chief Diversity Officer at the NJ Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Dr Chris M. Reber, President, Hudson County Community College, and Jersey City Council Ward E James Solomon.

The morning session continued with Workshops in English and in Spanish. Moderators and Panel Speakers addressed topics of interest such as Marketing to Large Companies, Branding in the Era of Influence, The Wellness Wave, The Healthy Consumer Trend, Business Strategies and Technologies, and Crowdfunding as well as Programas para Startups y Tu Independencia Económica (in Spanish).

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Celebrity speakers such as Cenia Paredes, founder of Cenia New York, as well as Ivana De Maria, actress, TV writer and producer, women’s advocate and creator of StoryPlace, and award-winning, TV producer and Master of Ceremony Jackeline Cacho also supported the event.