interactive media Stacey De Jesus

Latina entrepreneur Stacey de Jesus uses interactive media to celebrate people’s lives

Stacey De Jesus is a Latina entrepreneur of Puerto Rican descent, working in interactive media where she helps clients build digital platforms for their businesses. A detailed, goal oriented Latina, Stacey always stays on task to deliver exactly what her clients want.

interactive mediaShe is a team player who not only is able to deliver results, but also knows when to listen and let others take the lead. She spends time speaking with her clients, listening to their ideas, thoughts, and opinions, so that together they can make something great.

At 43-years old, she recently earned her Master’s Degree in Interactive Media last August– being the first in her family to do so. She now she works in the field of interactive media, helping businesses as well as people create digital products and build strong online communities.

“Getting businesses digital is my goal,” says Stacey.

She achieves this through various methods including: online marketing strategies, web design, video/audio editing, as well as video promotions.

“My disciplined approach is to create online content, ensuring that the final product will be meticulous and expertly tailored to [my clients’] specifications,” Stacey explains.

Her career in interactive media has always been about helping others through her gifts and talents. Stacey’s decision to start a business in this field began 5-6 years ago at her local church, Trinity Christian Center in Elizabeth, NJ.

interactive media Stacey De Jesus

Stacey De Jesus (second from L) with EVE staff at their first Trinity Christian Center Women’s Conference

She worked there as Media Director, helping them with their online presence and making videos and digital resources for the church. She enjoyed this type of work, being able to create something for others, and she soon realized she was good at it too. From there Stacey decided to go back to university to pursue her Master’s in Interactive Media.

Interactive Media as a path to celebrate people’s lives
Stacey De Jesus hard work paid off with her Interactive Media degree

Stacey De Jesus hard work paid off with her Interactive Media degree

While at university she faced some financial struggles. Being a single woman, working full-time, while also being a student, it was difficult to juggle finances while also devoting time to her growing business. However, now that she has graduated, Stacey is putting all her efforts into creating and having a successful business.

Propelling her forward through the challenges and obstacles are the words of her mentor, Amanda Tapping, who always says, “Small ripples, make big waves.”

“You may think you’re taking small steps, but in the end, you may be having the biggest impact,” says Stacey.

This is what motivates her when it feels like things are going nowhere. Results and success are not always instantaneous. Everyone’s path is different but the smallest steps and actions can lead to great things.

Stacey’s favorite example of this is seeing how her own products impact her clients. She recalls how she once created two videos for two separate individuals, to celebrate a family member’s life. One was deceased and the other was celebrating their 75th birthday.

Her videos touched the family members of those two people and she was able to use her skills to help celebrate their lives. A seemingly small act– putting together two videos– created such an impact for two families.

Experiences like these motivate Stacey to continue to use her business to “bless others” with her gifts. She began her career in interactive media as a way to help her church and community and she continues it now to help even more people expand their businesses digitally and create digital products that will make an impact–from a small ripple, to a big wave.


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