brain fog

Brain fog can be alerting you about these medical conditions

Brain fog is not a medical condition but it can alert you from other medical conditions associated with inflammation, fatigue, or changes in blood glucose level that cause mental fatigue.

Often times throughout your day it might be challenging to maintain your focus. Perhaps your mind is wandering or drained of its energy. You might experience what many call “brain fog.”

brain fog

Brain fog or “mental fatigue” can creep up in the following ways:

  • memory problems
  • lack of mental clarity
  • poor concentration

Being at work for long hours daily can definitely hinder your focus. Especially when we find ourselves sitting for long periods of time.

Here are three simple ways to lift the fog:

Get moving

brain fog

Brain Fog (Credit

Simple aerobic exercise that gets your heart rate up immediately leads to improved focus and concentration.  No gym required! A quick walk up and down the stairs or even walking outside for a few blocks has also been shown to improve problem solving, attention and memory.

Now what if you simply cannot leave your desk or your office? You can perform simple stretches that will also increase blood flow to your brain and help release any tension built up over the course of your work day.

Eat protein

Today’s Standard American Diet (SAD) is typically high in simple carbohydrates and low in protein. Protein contains very important amino acids essential for the production of key neurotransmitters that regulate brain function.

Women especially tend to be undernourished when it comes to protein. If you’re not getting enough protein throughout the day consider supplementing your diet. You can also pack a protein rich snack, like hard boiled eggs, jerky, dried fruit with nuts, or Greek yogurt.

Drink water!

Dehydration can wreak havoc on our bodies, especially our brains which are made up of 75% water! So drink up! You should aim to drink at minimum half of your body weight in oz, but for maximum benefits drink 8 extra oz.

If following these two simple steps does not help consider consult with your doctor. Determine if there is an underlying medical condition you might not be aware of.

Medical conditions associated with inflammation, fatigue, or changes in blood glucose level can cause mental fatigue. Individuals who have fibromyalgia may experience similar fogginess on a daily basis and other conditions that may cause brain fog include anemia, depression, diabetes, migraines, hypothryroidism, and lupus.



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