Tayde Aburto addresses sales and prosperity at the Annual Hispanic Business Expo MCRCC

Tayde Aburto, one of the founders of the Hispanic Chamber of Electronic Commerce (http://www.hiscec.com) will be the keynote speaker at the Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce (MCRCC) Annual Hispanic Business Expo – Feria de Negocios Hispanos del Centro de Nueva Jersey. The Expo will take place on Tuesday, July 17 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Pines Manor, 2085 Lincoln Highway (Route 27 South) in Edison, NJ.

Under the slogan “Connect your company to a growing market at the Hispanic Business Expo,” the annual Hispanic Business Expo is a great opportunity to showcase small businesses through networking, community outreach, referrals and brand awareness.  The expo provides opportunities to meet influential Hispanic leaders and potential clients.

“Our Keynote Speaker this year is Tayde Aburto, the CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of e-Commerce based in San Diego, California,” said Luis O De la Hoz, Chair of the Hispanic Business Council at the MCRCC and VP of the Statewide Hispanic chamber of Commerce,. “A friend and a great supporter of our Expo, Tayde brings a wealth of experience in e-commerce and in helping small businesses take advantage of the opportunities that Internet bring to small businesses.”

Tayde Aburto, and the idea behind the Hispanic Chamber of e-Commerce

Tayde Aburto

Tayde Aburto, CEO Hispanic chamber of e-Commerce

“The organization was founded with the idea of ​​supporting small entrepreneurs to use the Internet as a business tool so they can be more competitive in the market,” said Aburto. “I’m very pleased that Luis de la Hoz invited me to address this year’s Hispanic Business Expo,” he said. “Over the years I have had the opportunity to serve hundreds of small businesses interested in increasing their Internet presence with the ultimate purpose of selling more. The Internet offers great opportunities for all entrepreneurs who want to continue making progress with their businesses. Entrepreneurship is not easy and there is no reason to try to get ahead alone,” Aburto said.

From Morelia to San Diego and beyond

Tayde Aburto was born in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico, to a family of restaurant owners and entrepreneurs. He obtained his degree in Economics from the Michoacán University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo, located in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico; and his  Master’s Degree in Marketing from the Technological Institute of Monterrey in Mexico.

“I got engaged in 2006 and moved to the U.S. My first job in the U.S. was with Kyocera-Wireless Corporation where I took a Market Research Analyst position. During my time in Kyocera-Wireless I was completing my Master’s in Marketing and researching the market for the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce project,” Aburto shared.

The exhaustive research that he did led to the conclusion that there was a need in the Hispanic market for a business association that could focus on promoting Hispanic businesses online and the use of e-business tools.

“After HISCEC’s launched, we started to work on several other projects. We now provide Internet marketing consulting services, Political consulting services and E-Government consulting services,” he explained. I have had the opportunity to see micro-companies become multi-million dollar companies thanks to the use of different tools that are available through the Internet.”

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Feria de Negocios hispanos de Central New JerseyAburto will be offering a presentation about “Sales, Prosperity and Internet Strategy for Small Businesses” as Keynote Speaker for the Feria de Negocios Hispanos de New Jersey. Join Tayde Aburto, Luis De la Hoz and all the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce #Familia this Tuesday at this can’t miss event!

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