taking a vacation
The summer is here and many of us will be taking a vacation. Did you know over half of all workers in the US do NOT take all of their paid vacation days–most using just half of their paid days off?  Why?
taking a vacation
Time well spent results in more money to spend, more money to save, and more time to vacation. Zig Ziglar
There are two reasons: fear of getting so behind, they’ll never catch up and a sense that no one else can do their job while their gone.
Vacations are fundamental to your well being.  A break from work can help you recharge and avoid burnout. It can allow you to reconnect with a spouse or child that you may be missing quality time given the pace of life you lead. It can be an opportunity to try a new sport or hobby to refine your critical thinking skills. And oh yeah—let’s not forget–it can be FUN!  Here’s #3LVCareerHacks to use as you plan for your next vacation.
taking a vacation

Uno, dos y tres. Let’s do this con ganas.

  1. Plan ahead as much as possible. We’ve all jumped at the chance to buy bargain tickets and get away on a great deal.  Spontaneity is fun. But if you want to enjoy your vacation, the longer the lead time to plan ahead the more likely you will not get that email or (gasp!) the phone call while you are trying to rest.  In an ideal situation you would have at least one month to start delegating key tasks–even better two or three months to get ready is the ideal. It gives you the ability to schedule and complete key activities before you go.  And it allows you to take the number one key step in planning: send an email to all your current clients and team members announcing you’ll be gone at least two weeks before you leave.
  2. Delegate and partner with trusted team members. Before you go, take on these key tasks:  A. Set a voicemail and email message that you are out of town, unavailable and who on your team can be contacted in your absence.  B. Set an automated email message that will be delivered to a key team member or client, reminding them you’re gone but to check on a project or activity that is mission critical for your project.  C. Empower a team member to make a decision that may need to be made for you while you’re gone–think of the possibilities and map options to review and what to do for each one. This makes it less likely you’ll have a “mess” to address when you return.
  3. Scan your projects to complete key milestones.When you lead a project or program, you are responsible for a master plan or schedule of activities.  It may be a shared document or spreadsheet or you might use one of the many project planning tools we’ve featured. Spend an afternoon looking at the project timeline to anticipate what might need your attention to do–the tasks that cannot be delegated. Look for ways to get those done before you go so the rest of the team can stay on track while you are sipping Piña Coladas under the palm trees! Ahhhhhh.

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