2017 Highlights

10 LatinasinBusiness.us highlights and most read articles in 2017

A reminder of the 10 LatinasinBusiness.us highlights and most read articles in 2017 comes in handy at the end of the year to know if we really achieved the goals we had set for ourselves.

10 LatinasinBusiness.us highlights Susana G Baumann

As we predicted at the end of 2016, we were ready to make 2017 a terrific year with many landmarks to be defined and growth to be achieved. We are proud to look back at this year as one of major accomplishments:

  1. We started this year on the right foot: we received our 2017 Latina of Influence Award from Hispanic Lifestyle, among other 30 accomplished Latinas that met in Ontario, California to receive such a distinction.
  2. On June 3rd, we conducted our first Female Leadership Business Retreat
    The 3 Pillars of Effective Female Leadership
    in strategic partnership with Mindful Consultants LLC and the participation of Yoshida Consulting LLC. Excellent results and testimonials from all participants!
  3. Our participation at several events increased through the year with old and new strategic and media partnerships including the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey, the Red Shoe Movement, ALPFA, the Latino Networks Coalition, the Hispanic Leadership Association, New America Alliance, Prospanica, Hispanic Federation, Univision 41, Latin Trends, Americano Newspaper, Nuestra Gente, and many more. We are very grateful for these collaborations and we hope they will continue and get stronger in 2018.
  4. We started our LatinasinBusiness.us Abasto Magazine column that goes on print and digital outlets bimonthly. So far, we have published four articles; we encourage you to contact us if you are interested in being featured on their pages that reach over 30K decision-makers in the food industry nationwide.
  5. We built a partnership with IFundWomen, a crowdfunding organization that works exclusively with the female economy. Expect to see great things happening in 2018!
  6. We proudly participated and represented Latinas and women at the Latinas say Presente at the Women’s March on Washington. It was an exciting day for the defense of women’s rights. We will continue to do more on Equal Pay and gender disparity in the workplace in the coming year.
  7. In solidarity with our brothers and sisters who were victims of climate change catastrophes, we donated $2000 to the Hispanic Federation’s Puerto Rico and Mexican Disaster Relief Funds working in partnership with LNC and Prospanica.

    Latina SmallBiz Expo Pitch Competition winner

    Beth Maramolejos, President of Prospanica NY Chapter receiving the $2000 donation from Susana G Baumann, LatinasinBusiness.us to Puerto Rico and Mexico Disaster Relief Fund.

  8. We continued to advocate for Dreamers, farm workers, low-paying Latino workers and undocumented or uninsured Latinos working in strenuous conditions.
  9. So far, we have promoted for FREE over 120 LIBizus –Latina small businesses and Latina entrepreneurs– building community around them! We are proud of this growing demographic that continues to expand its influence and become a relevant player in the US economy.
  10. In September, we were invited to be a panel speaker at the Prospanica National Conference that took place in Philadelphia, PA. Very proud to have been selected to represent Latina entrepreneurs among the members of this national organization that promotes Hispanic professionals.
  11. We ended the year in style with our Latina SmallBiz Expo and Pitch your Business to the Media Competition. In addition to our third year Pitch Competition, we added the Latina SmallBiz Expo that gathered 46 exhibitors and 10 Latina entrepreneurs who competed for a Grand Prize of $1000.
Latina SmallBiz Expo Pitch Competition winner

Susana G Baumann with Pitch Competition Participants

We are very grateful to all who took a step forward to support our labor of love, especially sponsors and supporters. Thanks to NJIT for hosting our event, Bank of America for being our Presenting Sponsor, proud of MassMutual Tri State for achieving the Latina Leadership Award and Univision 41 for their unconditional media support.

Looking forward into 2018

Our goals for the next year include strengthening our editorial work and increasing publishing frequency. We also look forward to creating new strategic alliances and partnerships with several organizations to achieve critical mass in improving working conditions for Latina entrepreneurs and Latinas in the workplace.

We expect 2018 to be a year of fruitful consolidation of our signature events and a year of great growth of our social media community, that has reached over 25K organic followers spread among all social media channels.

To continue our work, we need your support and your enthusiasm. Please donate to our campaign I support a Latina entrepreneur so we can expand our reach to all Latinas that work diligently in building community around them.

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Thank you! Gracias!

Happy 2017 Holidays to all from us!

The LatinasinBusiness.us Team


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