Red Shoe Movement Signature Event

Win with at the Red Shoe Movement Signature Event

How would you like to attend the Sixth Annual Signature Event of the Red Shoe Movement on Friday November 17, 2017 in New York City as my guest? And win a pair of red shoes? (Then keep reading until the end!)

Red Shoe Movement Signature Event

Mariela Dabbah , Founder and CEO Red Shoe Movement, embracing the world

The Red Shoe Movement Signature Event is bringing together around 200 professional women and men from the business and corporate worlds for another experiential conference. Participants will have a chance to discuss key career advancement topics such as:  Discover Your Passion, How to Have Difficult Conversations, and Proven Negotiation Strategies, among others.

“Attendees walk away equipped with actionable plans and the know-how to identify those who can help them achieve their career goals. It’s a high-powered, high-energy event that has proven to inspire participants to engage in their careers at a deeper level,” said Mariela Dabbah, CEO and founder of the Red Shoe Movement.

What’s happening this year at the RSM Signature Event?

Red Shoe Movement Signature Event

RSM Hall of Fame Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, CEO Celebrity Cruises

This year the RSM is honored to welcome Celebrity Cruises’ President and CEO, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo as the guest Keynote

Interviewee. One of six leaders distinguished by the RSM 2017 Hall of Fame, Lisa will share her trailblazing career for which she was honored.

Also, and for the first time this year, the RSM is launching an Executive Circle where a group of senior level professionals will give and receive career advice to each other in front of the entire audience on the topic of The Power of Learning from Failure. The Executive Circles follow the core format of the RSM Mutual Mentoring Circles, which are facilitated by a team of star executives especially trained in the RSM methodology.

“We are thrilled to count Susana G Baumann, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, as one of our media and strategic partners for our upcoming Red Shoe Movement Signature Event. They serve the community of Latina entrepreneurs in a way nobody else does in this area. Their work helps small business owners turn their dreams into reality, a mission that is close to my heart being an entrepreneur myself. I’m excited to meet many of these inspiring women in person at our November 17 event. If you decide to join us, come and say hello,” said  Dabbah.

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So are you ready for this Red Shoe Movement treat?

Mariela Dabbah, CEO and Founder, Red Shoe Movement

Mariela Dabbah, CEO and Founder, Red Shoe Movement

If you comment on this article before October 17, you will have a chance to win one of 3 ticket to this great event. The bonus? The faster you comment, the larger your chances of getting a pair of exclusive red shoes created by Farylrobin specifically for this Red Shoe Movement event. I have won pairs twice myself! So don’t miss this chance and respond now!

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And wait, there’s more!

Given the great enthusiasm with which its followers celebrate every #RedShoeTuesday, the day when everyone wears red shoes and ties to support women’s career growth, this year the RSM will feature a #RedLookBook booth.

It’s a unique opportunity for attendees to flaunt their professional looks for a chance to win more shoes and a visit to the event’s exclusive shoe sponsor Farylrobin’s offices in December. So don’t wait! Comment on this article now and get your chance to be one of these fab winners!

Increase your chances of getting a pair of Farylrobin shoes in your size by registering before October 17. For more information on the RSM and to register for their Signature Event as our guest visit the registration page and enter discount code  rsmse2017lib. See you all there!

Red Shoe Movement Signature Event

Showing support for #RedShoeTuesday Red Shoe Movement event

2 replies
  1. Zelia Correa
    Zelia Correa says:

    This is about empowerment of women that are already a huge success but don’t receive the recognition they deserve. Everyone deserves recognition for hard work and dedication, and so do we. 😉
    Red shoe movement started for Latina Women but it is about all of us women in the workplace… doing our best, everyday! #redshoemovement

    • Susana G Baumann
      Susana G Baumann says:

      Thank you Zelia! Yes, this is a terrific movement that has empowered thousands of women in the workplace across the USA and Latin America. And you are a winner of a ticket to attend the November 17 event in NYC! Congratulations, so excited for you! Please email me to so we can work out the details. Thanks! See you there!


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