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Nationally recognized speakers at “The 3 Pillars of Effective Female Leadership” 2017 Business Retreat

Nationally recognized speakers at “The 3 Pillars of Effective Female Leadership” 2017 Business Retreat include Arlene Quinones-Perez, Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey, Adelcida Wilson, Speaker, Coach and Author, and Anthony Lopez, Prospanica and author, The Legacy Leader. Panelists include Patricia Campos-Medina, Co-Director & Extension Associate, The Worker Institute, Cornell University; Michele Meyer-Shipp, Esq., VP and Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer at Prudential Financial.

For additional information and to register, please visit: http://retreat.latinasinbusiness.us// or call 848 238 6090

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LatinasinBusiness.us, the national digital platform that advocates for the empowerment of the Latina working woman, and Mindful Consultants, LLC, a work site wellness boutique firm that specializes in the neuroscience-based practice of Mindfulness & Conscious Business, announced the presence of three nationally recognized speakers for their upcoming 2017 Business Retreat “The 3 Pillars of Effective Female Leadership.” on June 3rd at Teaneck, NJ.

“We are thrilled and grateful for the caliber of the Speakers at this training event,” said Susana G Baumann, founder and Editor-in-Chief, LatinasinBusiness.us. “Just listening to these leaders share their stories is of enormous value for the business retreat attendees,” Baumann added.

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Arlene Quinones-Perez, Esq,, partner and President of the Northern Region Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey

Opening Speaker for the training event will be Arlene Quinones-Perez, Esq., Partner at DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick, Cole and Giblin, LLP and President of  the Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey. Arlene is a well-known leader with extensive government and political experience including being the youngest member of the Town of Clinton’s Council, and the only Hispanic woman to serve as an elected official in Hunterdon County.

She previously served as a member of the Supreme Court Committee on Women in the Judiciary and the Board of Directors for the Girls Scouts Heart of New Jersey, and as General Counsel to the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters (“NRCC”), a skilled trade organization representing carpenters in New Jersey and New York State.

“Women are judged under a different light,” Arlene told LatinasinBusiness.us. “If they are aggressive, they are qualified with a certain word but being aggressive would be an admired quality in a man. Take image, for instance, women are judged by how they present themselves and how they behave. That is why I welcomed the idea of having powerful women in a room discuss these issues and how to solve these obstacles,” she added.

During the 2017 Business Retreat Power Lunch, Clarisa Romero, of Mindful Consultants LLC will conduct a “Fireside Chat, a conversation about Female Leadership with Adelcida (Adel) Wilson.”

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Adel Wilson, Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Author



Adel Wilson, is a Territory Business Sales Manager in NYC for a leading international Pharmaceutical company.  She is the bestselling author of Pharma Success Secrets: 12 Winning Strategies to Get your Foot in the Door and Launch a Successful Career in Pharmaceutical Sales.

A Corporate Trainer, Speaker, Coach and bestselling author who specializes in soft skill training including Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, Leadership, Image, Diversity and Teambuilding, to name but a few.

Having taught over 50 topics to more than 14,000 students from all walks of life, from CEOs and Physicians to Educators and Finance Professionals, Adel has a strong grasp on what it takes to succeed in business.  Adel’s leadership skills combined with her background in training, entertainment, healthcare, and marketing have opened up opportunities and allowed her to move her career forward. .

“Women in corporate America, especially minority women, lack an opportunity to be listened to their ideas or have those ideas taken in consideration. Many times, they are seen as the token person, to just check a box. Perspectives are important but more importantly is having your ideas considered, implemented, and then seeing those ideas helping generate change or make a positive contribution at your company,” Adel said to LatinasinBusiness.us.

speakers business retreat 2017

Anthony Lopez, National Chair, Prospanica

Later that day, Anthony Lopez, National Chair of Prospanica (former National Society of Hispanic MBAs) will be the Guest Speaker at the Cocktail Reception in front of a larger crowd of VIPs, business leaders and special guests. Anthony brings a global presence to the training event, as President and General Manager of Ansell’s Medical Solutions Global Business. Author and expert in leadership and management topics, sought after consultant and speaker, Anthony has presented to audiences throughout the United States and Latin America; and thousands of people have attended his presentations.

He is the author of several books better known as the Legacy Leader Series including “The Legacy Leader: Leadership With A Purpose (1st and 2nd editions)”, “Breakthrough Thinking: The Legacy Leader’s Role In Driving Innovation”, “The Leader’s Lobotomy: The Legacy Leader Avoids Promotion Induced Amnesia”, “The Leader In the Mirror; The Legacy Leader’s Critical Self-Assessment,” among others.

“Diversity is a key competitive advantage for any team to have”, Anthony told LatinasinBusiness.us. “Specifically, having strong, assertive, capable and motivated women on a team makes that team unbeatable. Women bring a unique and different perspective to the workplace. Nurturing their personal and professional growth, enabling them to contribute, to be promoted, and making sure they are given all the opportunities to succeed, is simply smart business for any leader,” Anthony sustained.

Clarisa Romero, from Mindful Consultants LLC added, “We expect great and positive energy in these rooms, and we are extremely grateful to our sponsors and promotional strategic partners for supporting us to make this event possible.”

Several organizations have stepped up to help promote the event among their members including the New America Alliance American Latina Leadership Caucus, LUPE Latinas United for Political Empowerment, Madrinas.org, Mujeres de HACE (Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement), Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey, Prospanica New Jersey Chapter, Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey, Feria de Negocios Hispanos de Central New Jersey, the Latino Institute, and Strategic Influence LLC. If you are a member of these organizations, please contact your organization for special discount rates to attend thebusiness retreat.

For additional information, please visit: http://retreat.latinasinbusiness.us// or call 848 238 6090

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