desk exercises

Office workout 101: 10 Easy desk exercises and tips (with video)

Take a few minutes every day and practice these simple desk exercises at work. They will change your posture, ease your stress and even help you be more focused!

desk exercises

I know how hard it is to find the time to exercise. Even working from our own home office, we can easily become overworked and overtired. It seems there is never an appropriate time to get out and go to the gym, run around the neighborhood or relax at a yoga class.

So why not exercise “in the office”? If we spend long hours at a desk, in a cubicle or the corner office, we can always manage to get some moves to stretch, burn some extra calories and get strength in some muscles.

Here are some tips that can help you take advantage of your work activity and use it to your benefit:

  1. If you spend long hours on the phone, walk around the desk while on the conversation. Not only if will help change your posture but it will also energize your conversation. Best phone sales are closed while pacing around the office!
  2. If you need to be at your computer for long hours, buy a desk stepper. I have one that fits exactly under the desk and allows me to step away –takes a little coordination while typing but can be done!
  3. If your day goes from meetings to meetings, suggest your colleagues to conduct walk-and-talk meetings, around the office or outside in the landscaped area or parking lots. With Smartphones these days, you can even record the meeting or take notes while walking!
  4. Also for computer freaks such as myself, set your phone alarm every hour and take 3 minutes to stretch and do these easy 10 exercises Anna Frank recommends at Yuru:



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