Welcome to Erika Del Valle Cruz, new addition to our Editorial Advisory Board

Erika Del Valle Cruz

Erika Del Valle Cruz, new addition to the LatinasinBusiness.us Editorial Advisory Board

Our warmest welcome to Erika Del Valle Cruz, new addition to our Editorial Advisory Board. As an intercultural leader, Erika Del Valle Cruz is a Life Science Professional with experience in Pharmaceutical leadership positions.

She has a BS in Biochemistry and Post-graduate studies: Industrial Organizational Psychology and Master in Business Administration.

She lived in expatriation in three countries and is fluent in English, Spanish, and is proficient in Portuguese and Italian. Accordingly, Erika has professional experience as an intercultural trainer and public speaker working with people with multiples cultural background (European, Latin American, Caribbean’s and India. An expert in multicultural markets, Erika states that in the USA, “advertisement agencies must understand that African-Americans and Hispanic consumers are increasingly reconnecting to their respective roots, which holds implications for savvy marketers who want to maintain their brand message in front of these consumers.”

However, the ability to reach African-Americans and Hispanic consumers in a way that truly strikes a chord and connects with their deep-seated cultural values and beliefs is critical, she says. Brands must show that they understand the ethnic consumer by crafting culturally appropriate and targeted messaging that speaks directly to them. Believe it or not, their roots and heritage are more important to me today than they were just five years ago.

According to a study conducted by the firm Yankelovich, located in Chapel Hill, N.C., Erika states that,

  • While 80 percent of African-Americans feel ignored by the government, trust issues differ between U.S. – and foreign-born Hispanics at 15 percent and 36 percent, respectively.
  • The good news for marketers is that 58 percent of Hispanics and 55 percent of African-Americans said, “It is risky to buy a brand you are not familiar with.”
  • Only 42 percent of African-Americans and 40 percent of Hispanics said they would “buy private label and generic brands” if their families unexpectedly found themselves with less money.

“In conclusion, understanding the sources of influencers, the communication preferences and the media perceptions of the ethnic consumer is crucial to successful behavior change,” she says.

Working in healthcare in many capacities, she has developed multichannel integrated campaigns, promotions and communications for both emerging and established markets across multiple therapeutic areas, including infection diseases franchise (hepatitis, HIV and antibiotics, oncology and transplant among others. In particular she has enjoyed success in medical marketing, patient education and multicultural branding. Her commitment to Healthcare Marketing communications management has consistently yielded innovative programs developed on behalf of several brands of leading pharmaceutical companies like: Schering Plough, Roche, Pfizer, Bayer, Merck, Novartis, Astella and AstraZeneca.

Currently, she is continuing her education in Easter Medicine Supportive Therapies, with the direction of Dr Yang Yang, who works with patients from multiples healthcare institutions including the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancerin New York. Her goal is to become a Cancer Support Specialists to continue developing deceases awareness and educational programs.



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