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Oh man! I wish I would’ve done some research (or had more info.) baaack in the day before deciding I’d start blogging. I could’ve saved some time, avoided certain mistakes, focused from the beginning, and probably made money from the get go.


As a blogger who’s been doing, learning, messing up since 2010… I see it as my duty to help those who are ready to start blogging but might now know how or where to start.

Note: if you still have questions after this, feel free to shoot me a message. Here to help!

Time to focus

blogging, blog social media

You decided you want to blog… question is, why? This is super important to clear out from the beginning. If you’re serious, start thinking – do you want to provide a service by blogging?  What is it? Fashion advice? Fitness training? Maybe you want to sell a product. Start thinking, ask yourself these questions and answer them.


Ok, so you have an idea of what you want to do… or so you think! Niche is super important because it will make or break your blog. Find something you can specialize in, and don’t lie to yourself (others can tell). If you’re really good at finding coupons, that’s your thing and you can kick ass in educating others how to do the same. Tip: find something others aren’t doing (or maybe not doing right). The internet is a competitive space and you want to make sure your idea is unique.

Let’s pick a name

What are you thinking? This is something that you should take your time with, you’ll be investing in it (yes, with $$$) by buying a domain (, and it’s not something you should ever think of changing. This is your brand and it should be the same across all social media platforms, including your website of course.

Back to the domain

Ok, you decided that your blog is going to be called ‘Blah’ – it sounds fabulous, amazing, and unique. “Hip hip, hooray!” Don’t get too excited just yet, first you need to make sure the domain is even available. What social is available? Namechk let’s you know. Buy the domain, and take over the social media accounts you’ll be using (you might want to consider taking all available, just in case).

Where do I start blogging?

Are you blogging for money or as a hobby? Let us know how we can help!
Are you blogging for money or as a hobby? Let us know how we can help!

You bought the domain… now, where the hell do you do this? Where will you write? You have options, many! Ever heard of Wordpress, Tumblr, Squarespace, Blogger, Medium (to name a few)? I personally like to recommend WordPress. It’s easy but not too easy. You’re able to customize, and many large publications actually use it (it’s that good).

“I need a theme”

Yes, you do! Time to look into a design that suits your taste and voice. Things to consider however, flashy and cool themes are not always the best. The number of mobile users is only growing; simple themes that are mobile optimized and load up fast and easy help and are very important!

Time to explore

Look, you’re not going to learn everything about blogging overnight. Begin by working on your first post, explore your platform; what do you want to do that you may not know how to? Thank goodness for YouTube! Tutorials are a great way to learn quickly.

“Hey guys, I have a blog!”

You got the basics down, you published your first post. Start promoting! Let your family and friends know what you’re doing and why (don’t be shy!). Always think about “them”; why will they benefit from being a part of your new community? Think about it and incorporate it to your announcement and early promotion.

Consistency is the key

DJ Khaled would probably say, “consistency is the key to success” because it really is. If you can’t commit to posting every day (very realistic), try to commit to once a week. Maybe Mondays will work or Wednesdays. Check and see what days are best to post and try to stick to a schedule.

Social is everything

Joanna Renteria, Social Media Specialist, Brand Strategist and Influencer, Follow Joanna at
Joanna Renteria, Social Media Specialist, Brand Strategist and Influencer, Follow Joanna at

The beauty of social media is that it’s free and it allows you to connect to brands on a global level. A simple hashtag on Instagram will connect you to other #vegetarians, a search on Twitter will let you know who’s “eating” what (these are examples, guys). Take full advantage of social media; it’s how you’re going to build your audience, how you’re going to connect with other bloggers, and how your latest post could potentially go viral (#goals).

That’s it for the starting process… some words of advice from someone that’s been blogging for a minute, be unique and be you. Once you find your voice, your blog will flourish and the sponsorship opportunities will come knocking!

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