Welcome Rosa M. Mollo, our new Intercultural Communications Coach!

Rosa M Mollo, Intercultural Communications coach and Change Facilitator

Rosa M Mollo, Intercultural Communications Coach and Change Facilitator

We are extremely pleased to announce that Rosa M. Mollo is our new Intercultural Communications Coach and Change Facilitator and will be contributing a monthly column to LatinasInBusiness.us platform.

Rosa is a communications therapist known for her core “3 Cs,” the tripod of her passions: Communications, Culture, and Change. These are the culmination of over twenty years of international experience as a foreign affairs correspondent, key manager positions as News Bureau Chief in the US, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, and a strong history embodying change as a positive catalyst for operational efficiency. Before moving to the US, she was one of the most trusted and influential voices of TVE, the Public Spanish Broadcasting Corporation.

Having lived and worked in such diverse environments, she developed a solid understanding of how culture and community relations can impact our work and life.

While she enjoyed disseminating messages to international audiences, most of her work has focused on disengagements of the world’s most difficult issues, where as a team leader, she built a reputation for motivating diverse and high performing Rosa Mollo book announceteams. This fascinating experience planted in her a seed of curiosity to identify how different people of different backgrounds uniquely perceive issues and how this process cultivates creativity when applied in a work environment. A few years later, that seed germinated into a career transition to the other side of the fence: strategic communications and culture transformation. Though her core interest remains the same -connecting people with the big picture-, now she is committed to foster engagements that help managers become great leaders. ­­­­­

Her journalistic and business background combined with her cultural awareness has given her invaluable insight into how to make sure communications, and engagement initiatives hit the spot for people at all different levels of an organization. This parallelism with her former career as an international correspondent is a constant in her approach. She believes employees don’t trust business leaders who don’t trust them.

Rosa currently works as an intercultural communications consultant and change facilitator for KDi-Americas, encouraging open dialogue and empowering people to design a better future. She also does individual and group sessions to promote people understanding and effective intercultural negotiations.

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