Welcome to our new Health and Skincare coach Elizabeth “Liz” Santiago!

Elizabeth Santiago CeleBritAy CEO , skincare and health coach

Elizabeth Santiago, CeleBritAy CEO, Skin and Health coach

Elizabeth is a Holistic Health & Skincare coach emphasizing on healthier digestive system. She studied Ayurvedic and Holistic nutrition with Dr. Naina Marbali at Ayurvedic Beauty School and has nominal background in the field of Western medicine.

Elizabeth holds degrees in Chemistry, Biology and Herbology. She has helped hundreds of people achieve healthier life styles and is passionate about educating her clients on how proper nutrition can help them improve their skin. Liz is head skin care chemist & CEO of CeleBritAy New York, an award-winning skincare company specializing in organic, sustainable products.

Find out more about Liz Santiago here.

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