Daniel Ortiz, Latino Entrepreneurship Coach

Don Daniel Ortiz new LIBizus Latino Entrepreneurship Coach (video)

Daniel Ortiz, Latino  Entrepreneurship Coach

Daniel Ortiz, Latino Entrepreneurship Coach

I am extremely pleased to introduce our new Latino Entrepreneurship Coach Daniel Ortiz, better known as “Don Daniel,” award winning author, TV host and business coach. He will be contributing to LIBizus with sound advice, insightful perspectives and a savvy vision into the Latino soul to help our Latinas in Business achieve their goals.

As per his own story, Don Daniel was born an entrepreneur. During his childhood, he used to “employ” other children in the neighborhood to sell stuff he manufactured, or make additional money by doing small chores in the community.

A free spirit, Don Daniel was raised in a Latino family in which strong values and impeccable work ethics were the path to create growth opportunities. Although he held important positions in corporate America, he always felt that entrepreneurship was his pulse.

Not only he has built a successful financial planning practice but also he has now dedicated his life to help others achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

International Latino Book Award

Winner of the International Latino Book Award

His impressive career includes winning the International Latino Book Awards in the Best Self-Help category for How to Achieve the American Dream without Losing Your Latin Soul. The International Latino Book Awards, founded by Edward James Olmos, is the largest literary and cultural awards in the U.S.A. Past honorees include Isabel Allende, Paulo Coelho, Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor and Rudy Anaya.

I was attracted by his view of success: “True and sustainable success, in business and life, is a consequence of living according to your core values and sharing your natural gifts and talents with the world,” he said.

So we give him a warm abrazo de bienvenida! Get ready for this unique ride into the heart and soul of Latino entrepreneurship!

To contact Don Daniel, please visit his website LatinoSuccess.com. 

You can also visit Daniel Ortiz’s TV Show “American Dream and Latin Soul“.

Daniel Ortiz TV Host "American Dream and Latin Soul"

Daniel Ortiz TV Host “American Dream and Latin Soul”

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