Jennifer Castaneda coaching LIBizus for romance in the workplace

Jennifer Castaneda, LIBizus Hypnocoach for Empowered Women

Jennifer Castaneda, LIBizus Hypnocoach for Empowered Women

Jennifer Castaneda, R.N., B.S.N., is our brand new relationship coach. She will be contributing to our Life and Work section, and advising you on workplace matters and beyond. She will help you handle this touchy subject with success.

“I was born in Lima Peru 34 years ago. My grandma came over first, then my mom; they each worked two jobs to save money to bring the rest of our family over, aunts, uncles and lots of kids! When I was three years old, my family came over to New Jersey, where I was raised,” told us Jen.

“I am so excited to blog for LIBizus because Latinas are some of the most passionate women out there. When we give our heart we give it with our soul.  It’s a shame that most of the time no nos pagan con la misma moneda!” she told us.

She knows that very well by experience. She graduated from Rutgers University with a Nursing degree and received lots of accolades and offerings for prestigious positions.  She was a nurse preceptor, mentor, charge nurse, leader of a performance improvement committee and received numerous 5-star client surveys from patients.

“However, I realized I was angry and unhappy with my personal life.  Though I had success in my career, my personal life and especially my love life suffered the most. I just couldn’t get it right in that department!  Lots of disappointments, heartaches and tears,” she recalls.

Couple working together on an airplace

Long story short, she decided to get help. “For over a year she worked closely with a coach who helped me restore my sanity, my confidence, and take back the reigns of my love life, which turned around 180 degrees.  I was in such an amazing place with an amazing man and life that I decided to go back to school to learn to teach others what has been taught to me. I became a clinical hypnotherapist. Soon after, I opened my own coaching business and I have been helping people change their lives ever since,” she shared.

Jen believes many times Latinas give up or just settle. “We become super ambitious at work and do great in our careers, but we put our love lives in the back burner,” she said. Now she is here to tell you that you can have both! “It’s just about learning a few things I would be more than happy to share,” she added.

As a soulful dating coach, Jen focuses on helping women find the love of their lives. In addition to her private practice, she runs local workshops like Online Dating 101 and Stop Repeating Your Boyfriend Patterns at a singles organization where she is now a resident dating coach.  She is a featured expert on New York Dating Life, a premier site for singles in New York, and helps run an amazing networking pod in the big city called B.I.G –Believe, Inspire, Grow–, where she helps women succeed personally and professionally.

“One of the biggest challenges I see in women is inevitably repeating patterns with men. They experience with different places and different faces but the result is the same story.

For her introduction to LIBizus, Jen is offering three (3) mini sessions “Find your Blind Spots in Love” (40-minute session) where she will help women discover the #1 biggest challenge in their love life, and give advice on how to proceed.  If you are interested in contacting Jennifer for one of these coaching sessions, please leave your name and email address below or Like Us on our Facebook page, leaving your contact information, and she will be happy to speak with you and give you sound advice and an exciting new start!

Some of the great topics Jen will be covering for LIBizus:

5 Ways to avoid heartache in the workplace (Dating a co-worker)

We spend most part of our days at work and it isn’t uncommon to fall for someone who works side by side with you. Office romance happens more often than we think and it can have consequences. I will share the top 5 ways to navigate romance in the workplace so you don’t lose sleep or your job.

Side profile of a businessman and a businesswoman flirting in an office

5 Ways to get along with a rude (overbearing) boss

We all have had them, bosses who micromanage, bosses who are ungrateful and focus on our weaknesses rather than our strengths.  There is a way out! You don’t have to pull your hair. I will share the 5 ways you can stop getting stressed by your rude boss and actually get on his or her good side.

All work and NO play: Where to find a date when you are always at work, on the commute or exhausted at home

I will suggest great places and ways to find a date even if you are at work, on the commute or when you just feel like being home!

Is your strong personality intimidating your co-workers?

I will share the truth behind this myth. NO, men are not intimidated by strong independent women. They are intimidated by women who are closed off. Sometimes we mistake being strong with being closed up because being vulnerable is seen as a weakness. So it’s time to show women that this is an asset!

Are you tired of being a doormat at work?

Being nurturing and forgiving is in our blood and sometimes we end up being doormats in the workplace. It’s time to set up strong boundaries while still being able to give as much as we’d like. We don’t have to become frosty to get our needs met. There is a balance.

So hurry, contact Jen below and find the balance you always wanted in your relationships!

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