Jesse Torres radio host KCAA: Money Talk with Jesse Torres

Do not procrastinate but activate for success in 2015 (video)

Jesse Torres radio host KCAA: Money Talk with Jesse Torres

Jesse Torres radio host KCAA: Money Talk with Jesse Torres

A new word is lingering in the business arena as the number one tip for success. Care to guess what is it? We all have delayed projects over thinking them, over doing research or just simply waiting for “a sign” to take it on.

I am happy to announce that I uncovered number one success tip for 2015. Are you ready? ACTIVATE!

Activation is the concept of turning inactivity into activity. Many years ago, Nike called it “Just Do It!”

While activating or executing or “just do-ing it” sounds simple enough, we seem to have a real problem with the concept. I interviewed the CEO of TenThirtyOne Productions, Melissa Cardone, late last year. She is the woman who convinced The Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban to hand over $2 million for a 20 percent stake in her company. Melissa gave me three tips to improve activation. Here they are:

  1. Do the right amount of research. Don’t over do the research and get caught up in paralysis by analysis. Figure it out and move on. Take time and learn the facts. But at some point you need to recognize the need to pull the trigger.
  2. Don’t fear failure. The likelihood of failing your first time out is pretty high. That’s just a fact. By being prepared and getting the research done you stand a better chance at success than a haphazard attempt. But if you do happen to fail, keep going. Remember: fail often, fail fast, and fail forward.
  3. Act promptly. Do your business or get off the pot! If you are serious, do it! If you are not serious then find something else to do. You’ll be happier. Plus if you wait too long someone else will come along with the same or better idea.

To give you an example of how powerful these three steps I demonstrate with my own example below. For months my Aaron M. Sanchez, my CNBC Radio co-host, and I have been talking about taking our radio content as well as my content and turning it into a video series.

In December I said, “Let’s do our business or stop talking about it.” We followed the three steps above and within two weeks had our first eight episodes taped. To thank Melissa for her words of wisdom and encouragement, we featured her ideas around activation in our inaugural episode seen below.

We now have the first two months of video content ready to go and we’re excited that this project is now more than talk over beers and happy hour food.

Activation is a powerful concept. If you just make the commitment, jump in with both feet and look forward to the experience you will be in a better place. Things may not work out exactly as you wished but you will have more data points upon which to tweak your plans and roll out a version 2.0, if necessary. But as Aaron says in the video, perhaps you’ll win the lottery and hit it the first time out.

The point is you’ll never know unless you try. So if you want to make 2015 a huge success, get out that list of things you keep talking about, pick one and take it one step at a time.

I wish you the very best success in 2015. Let me know how it goes by commenting below. Also, don’t forget to watch our video below.


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