Milagros Clothing Design

Milagros Clothing Design caters glamour to Latinas


Fashion designer Nadine Machado

Fashion designer Nadine Machado

The Latino woman is known for her dedication to improve her image and for looking beautiful at all times. We bring this natural inclination from our Latin American roots and, in many cases, passed down from our mothers and grandmothers.

That is the case of Nadine Machado, a Latina clothing designer who has named her business Milagros Clothing Design. The name Milagros serves as a tribute to Nadine’s grandmother Milagros, a woman who embraced her own individuality and feminine grace. Nadine strives to communicate this very essence through her design.

Nadine started her fashion path making clothing for her dolls as a child. She used this passion when she continued with a degree in pattern making and design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

Milagros Clothing Design is a fashion company with the style musings of the Milagros Clothing DesignMilagros Clothing Designeveryday woman in mind. Company president and lead designer Nadine Machado draws on her extensive experience in all avenues of fashion to create looks that are accessible, sassy, sophisticated and feminine with an urban flair.

Milagros attire is made with the finest quality fabrics, chosen to give garments a unique appearance that reflect Nadine’s own individual personality and devotion to fashion as a craft.

Her professional career took her to produce gowns; work on the runway fashion shows Gabriella Zanzani’s Couture; and production development of scarves for Elizabeth Gillet. Nadine uses this diverse experience to deliver attainable glamour for her own clientele.

Milagros Clothing Design Milagros Clothing Design


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