Thank You in different languages reached 3000 followers!

Thank You in different languagesThis morning, I woke up to the wonderful news! I’m thrilled that reached 3000 followers in just less than two months, in fact in just a month and a half! These goals were set for 3 to 6 months benchmarks, and we are now overwhelmed and ecstatic with the response from all of you, our beautiful Latinas in business!

Everything takes time to fall into the right place

I have been thinking and talking to other publications about starting a business section that would speak directly to Latino business owners for about two years. However, it was only when I participated at LATISM last year that the idea of directing the content to Latinas in business and the workplace took shape. Many Latina bloggers have found their niche in social media–from moms working from home to those building a career as social media influencer. Others are fighting their way up in corporate and professional settings. I have met so many Latinas that have impressed me with their skills, intelligence and business wisdom!

I was facing two uphill battles, though. I had no money to fund this project at a large scale and I was a “digital immigrant!”

As the publisher of the first Latino bilingual newspaper in New Jersey back in 2002-2004 that went busted –it was very exciting but very expensive!- I was decided to start a project that would grow organically without much investment. You know the saying, “gato que se quema con leche caliente, ve la vaca y llora.

The other concern was the fact that I had very low technology skills. When I came to the US in 1990, my first job was in publishing –I was the editor of the Art Now Gallery Guide for Latin America. I had no computer skills at that time but I needed the job! I rapidly learned the publishing software and since then, I became fascinated with digital technology. So I decided “hacerle la lucha!”

Thanks to so many that are helping me out on this journeyLIBiz_poster

The first person to thank is Gina Linn Espinoza, from @uplatino and Get Wise Latinas, a wonderful lady from the West Coast who was the first person I talked to about this project. She said to me, “Just do it, everything else will fall in place!” She was so right!

To another wonderful lady, Marisa Trevino, Publisher @LatinaLista, who took the time to give me feedback about the site and sent words of encouragement to improve the project.

To Jesee Torres, who offered me his support and contributions, giving me freehand in using and editing his excellent articles, and for his constant following on social media.

To Lorraine C. Ladish, my social media goddess, who helps me and supports me daily with wise advice, contributions, contacts and much more!

To Patricia Munoz, my dream partner –too bad she is involved in other important projects at this time but who knows… some day…

A special thanks to Luis O. De la Hoz, who was the guy who invited me to @LATISM last year, and since then, he has given me back my eagerness and enthusiasm to start this project at 64 –yes, just turned on October 17th–, when many of my friends are thinking of retirement!

The list will go on and on, starting with the chambers open to work in media or strategic partnerships with –Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey, Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce of San Diego, Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce– and including all of those who are supporting in social media and following the site on a daily basis.

THANK YOU, GRACIAS in every language and in every way possible! We are on our way, VAMOS, LATINAS!

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