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Increase Holiday sales Tweet your small business away

Holiday sales social mediaThe Holiday season is fast approaching and small businesses are getting ready to make “their season.” However, with a harsh competition out there and the big stores advancing their offers sooner and sooner –many are already offering “Black Friday” bargains– small businesses might find themselves in a crunch. If you are still relying –and paying– for traditional advertising, like newspaper ads and fliers, or trusting that word-of-mouth will bring you the clients you need, perhaps this is the perfect time to try social media.

Stand out from the crowd!

Through social media free platforms, you can advertise, brand and build your local business, increase profits and hopefully start a promotional campaign that will help you stand out from the crowd and transform local customer into loyal clients.

Increase sales through social media

If you are not using social media, you’re missing out big time. Mobile and web technology allow you to network with new local customer who might be out there willing to purchase your products and services but do not have you in their scope of interest or, worse yet, they don’t even know you exist!

Utilizing these resources will allow your small business to communicate with local customers at no cost, while creating engaging relationships. You may reach people who live and work in your immediate area of influence by creating dynamic profiles, updating your social media accounts and interacting with them to create new relationships.

Do I know all of my followers or have I met with them? Most of the time, my best social media “friends” are people who share some of my interests, we have a common goal or we support each other’s effort to reach out to people who share the same interests.

When I participate in social media, not only I contribute content that I believe would be helpful to all my readers but I also support and “share” or “retweet” what other people is offering, sharing or selling.

Each channel has benefits, advantages and disadvantages. For instance, Twitter is an excellent channel to engage customers and get customer feedback. You can engage then with certain offerings and ask them to give you their opinion or value your business. Can’t beat this free marketing research/opinion focus groups!

By engaging with followers and making changes to your services or offerings, you show that you take their opinions seriously and value their comments.

Complaints can also be addressed immediately through social media. Be aware, though, that some people might use social media to complaint about your business just to take advantage of you. Do you due diligence and make sure their complaint is legitimate. Also, look at their social media profile and see if they are a “chronic” complainer. Handling frustrations might show other customers that you care, but consider taking some conversations offline, especially if you suspect they are illegitimate or might become contentious.

Whether you are a newbie or have tried using social media before with little results, don’t get discouraged! Learn the best strategies to engage local customers and convert them to loyal clients! Register today to learn from a pro! Click on the picture to register now!

Engage with social media Lorraine C Ladish

Engage with social media Lorraine C Ladish


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