Patricia Mota HACE

Patricia Mota interim president at HACE

Patricia Mota HACE

Patricia Mota HACE

The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE), a national non-profit organization dedicated to the employment, development, and advancement of current and aspiring Latino professionals, is pleased to announce that Patricia Mota is now Interim President of the organization.

Patricia has been with HACE for over 4 years, and recently served as Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives focusing on business and leadership development.  She has been an effective leader and key contributor to HACE’s growth and visibility, having substantially increased corporate partnerships by nearly 60 percent within the past three years. Patricia also launched Mujeres de HACE women’s leadership program in Houston and DC, thereby tripling the program’s impact.

The program curriculum and content for the HACE Leadership Academy was revamped and so were leading seminars and training for HACE’s corporate and organizational partners across the US.  Patricia is a proven and passionate leader in the organization and she has the full support of the Board and staff.

Patricia has served and serves on boards and committees that align closely with her work including Indiana State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (ISHCC), Indianapolis Women of Color Conference 2009, NSHMBA’s Project Stepping Stone, META (Mapping Education towards Achievement), and ALCANCE.

HACE is excited for the continued impact the organization will have on the lives of professional Latinos under her leadership.

Please join in welcoming and supporting Patricia in her new role as the leader of HACE.


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