A picture is worth a 1000 words when branding your business

By Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce  Editorial Team

Promoting your company is an integral part of ensuring your organization’s success in a commercial environment. Through positive branding you will not only be able to expand your company, but also attract new clients and grow your revenue. Of course, there are a variety of ways to market and advertise your company—and one of those avenues involves visual promotion.  Here are some interesting ways to help you promote your business with pictures.

Branding with images

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• Create a catchy and visually appealing logo or brand image.  Many business owners forget that having an attractive logo is one of the first ways to catch a potential client’s eye.  There are a variety of resources online that can help you create a logo for your company—and of course, you can also reach out to a graphic designer to ensure that you have a one-of-a-kind logo designed that truly conveys your brand messaging.
• Use visually-based social networks.  It’s true that the majority of social networks are powered by written content.  However, many networks have sprung up that provide for messages to be delivered via pictures, such as Pinterest and Instagram. Moreover, these networks have really become forefront in popularity by users.  On Pinterest and Instagram, you have the ability to not only share pictures that are informational sources for your company, but also promote and share other resources you may have, such as pictures of your staff, infographics, company events and the like.  And always keep in mind that your prospects and clients enjoy seeing what goes on behind that scenes at your business—it adds an extra layer of personality and uniqueness to your company and what you deliver!
• Turn your client testimonials into images.  Yes, clients will usually convey their feedback of your company verbally—not visually.  However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get creative!  Take a quote from a client and using basic tools in Photoshop or another image-creating program and devise a simple background and use the quote.  Then brand the image with your logo.  You can then share this simple file on your social networks, place it on your website for added “testimonial flair”, or even include it in a brochure.
• Enlist the help of stock photos.  Purchase a subscription to a stock photo website, such as iStockPhoto, and buy images to compliment blog posts or social media posts.  By purchasing a stock image you ensure that the file’s resolution will be perfect and you also avoid facing any issues for using a copyrighted image that you find via a Google search.  Remember, there are image companies out there that have a staff that simply polices the Internet, looking for any abuse of their owned images.  If you happen to pull one of their images off the Internet and use it without permission and without purchasing the file, you can face stiff fines and even legal action for copyright infringement.
In closing, always remember that consumers, in general, are visual creatures and they respond better to advertisements, online content, and other materials that have stunning, eye-catching images.  Get creative in how you communicate visually with your clients and prospects and you will be remembered!

hiscec_aboutsmallThe Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is a business to business membership-based business association focused on providing tools and solutions to members to increase their presence online. The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce offers Internet marketing services that help you to promote your products/services; to build business relationships and to collaborate with potential clients via an exclusive social network and it helps you to increase your sales using the e-commerce and marketing tools that are available for premium members.

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