Get Wise Latinas

Gina Linn EspinozaSharing Wisdom, Insights and moving forward.

This idea was born when 3 Latinas sat around a kitchen table trying to figure out how to pass on “wisdom”. Too many Latina groups have a crabs in the bucket mentality and we are truly here to dis-spell that mind set and help each other achieve our dreams.

If you too care about others and want to help #RiseUp our people then, this is the group for you. We welcome everyone!

Social setting networking is great but we had been challenged to provide more content and education. So from that request came “Get, Wise Latinas”. Keep your eyes open for many live events coming very soon…

This is an open group – everyone is welcome.

Please be mindful and respect each others posts and opinions.

Have fun!

~ Cities for wisdom circles: Los Angeles, Calexico, Austin, Sacramento, New York

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