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4 Social media rules @Ramon_DeLeon lives by

ramonwow_1370781309_92No job is a small job if it is used as a launching platform for a phenomenal career and Ramon De Leon would have made it to the higher ranks no matter where he started off. His story is well-known. He climbed the ranks at Domino  Pizza from delivery guy to managing seven  franchised stores in Chicago to social media wizard .

A passionate of innovation and creativity, Ramon understood from inception that using the right tools in creative ways could produce WOW results. However, his success was not only based on tools and how to use them. He privileged people over means to reach out to them. When you have the customer at the center of your universe, any tool would do.

Here are the four rules Ramon lives by in building social media relationships:

1. Be ready at all times. Staying connected with your customers will provide opportunity to standout from the crowd.

2. Do the unexpected. When that opportunity arises, go the extra mile to make your customer’s experience unforgettable.

3. “Put social media fires out with social media water .” Public amends will generate public recognition. Do the right thing even if you don’t know or see your customer.

4. Thank customers creatively. Don’t take business for granted. Customers like to be recognized and feel special .

Tayde Aburto, founder of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce, recently said, “Ramon De Leon’s passion for Social Media and enthusiasm have made him a sought after speaker. He is one of the most prominent Social Media visionaries in the world. He has found a unique way to share his social media knowledge in a very inspiring and motivating way. He is a truly global keynote inspirational speaker that motivates people everywhere he goes. Ramon recently participated at the 2014 Latino iConnect conference where he received a standing ovation at the end of his presentation. New Jersey, get prepared for a dose of #RamonWOW! Your time is going to be well invested.”

(A version of this article was published July 2014 @Feria de Negocios Hispanos de NJ)


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