4 Healthy habits of an influential Latina


Developing good personal and professional habits can help us go through tough times with less stress and more productivity. Maybe we need to make decisions about our lives or careers, or simply be motivated at staying on track. Those are times when tension and pressure mount.

An influential Latina, Dr. Maria Hernandez, PhD, co-founder of Latinhttp://latinavida.org/aVIDA™,  shared four of her best habits that help her stay on top of her best game.

Four good habits to keep in mind

Habit #1: Dr. Hernandez, a worldwide consultant to Fortune 100 companies, public entities and non-profits for almost 20 years, believes the first and foremost good habit is to take care of oneself.

“When we are worried or stressed out, we tend to overwork ourselves thinking that putting more hours will make a difference. So we end up tired, unable to think straight and be productive. My advice is to exercise and get the necessary sleep,” she said to VOXXI. “Without feeling well, it is difficult to stay motivated.”

Habit #2: During those periods, it is common that negative thinking will creep in. Whether someone is not doing what we expect or we can’t reach someone we need to contact, self-defeating thoughts might cross our mind.

“Give yourself an outlet, a moment of self-pity,” Dr. Hernandez said. “Set aside 10 minutes a day to talk to someone, talk to yourself, write it down and let it out. Once it is over, you can move on.”Mhernandez Headshot 100_pp

Habit #3: To counteract these negative feelings, a small win can also work miracles and make us feel productive and good about ourselves. Writing 10 more pages of a difficult report or project, calling two prospective clients a day, or taking an online class can give us the sense of achievement we are not getting otherwise.

“Accomplish a small win each day, and check it off your to-do list,” Dr. Hernandez suggests.

Habit #4: Finally, she advises to go public with your goals or project, telling another person or a trusted group of colleagues.

“Everybody should have their personal board of directors, someone to talk to so they can check upon you and you can check upon them,” she added.

Latinas tend to be bashful and shy about their projects and career goals. “When we talk to someone who can guide us or give us advice, we are open to hear about solutions and resources that might not have crossed our minds. And make it a diverse board, not only Latinas but also other people who can give you valuable insights,” she said.

So now, you have some good tips to think about and motivate yourself. If you need to take a day off and shut off your phone, or take a long bike ride at a nearby park; if you have been postponing the revision of your next book manuscript or calling a bunch of colleagues to get together, do it now, and do it without guilt!



 By Susana G Baumann
(A version of this article was first published on September 2013 @VOXXI.com)


  • Award-winning journalist, author, multicultural expert, public speaker, small business advocate and the Editor-in-Chief of LatinasinBusiness.us. Susana is an Argentinean immigrant who started her own small business over 20 years ago. Now, through her new digital platform and social media channels, she advocates for the economic empowerment of Latinas in the United States.

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