Latina Entrepreneur of the Month

Jackeline Cacho, founder and host, Emmy Nominee Journalist, Triunfo Latino

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women leaders
Latina SmallBiz Expo Pitch Competition winner
Latina entrepreneur Silvina Rodriguez Porcaro
Latina writer
roadblocks to success Danay Escanaverio
event planning
Latina community leader
pneumonia children with asthma
Latina leadership
Erica Torres Pagano
Latino traditions
Liliana Marzan Perez
Brittney Castro financial planning
best Holiday gifts
your best age lorraine ladish
Latina SmallBiz Expo Pitch Competition winners
Latina SmallBiz Expo Pitch Competition winner
Latina Equal Pay Day
Latina entrepreneurs
skin health
Bellaria Jimenez
Ana Larrea-Albert NENANI Mentoring Future Latina Leaders 2016.1
Lux Beauty Club
Patricia Campos-Medina modern Latina
Hanging secrets cover
Facebook LIve
empowering Latinas Natinal Hispanic Leadership Institute
Rosa Stimmler, owner broker at Royal Lyon Realthy LLC.
Angela Arboleda
LuMesh lip gloss feature
Swift Decor home decor
Justice Sotomayor
Chef Amalia Moreno-Damgaard will be at the World of the Latino Cuisine
new book REACH!
Nely Galan Self-Made
Decenia Vega Cacao Puerto Rico
Hair salons small business week
hair extensions 5
Latina entrepreneur clean water Ix Styke Guatemalan designs
TeleNurse-Network is an initiative of women-minority-owned business
Inner peace water Lily flower
Winner LIBizus 2015 Best Business Award
Solange Brooks, CalSTRS
Cynthia Rivera Weissblum
Mariela Dabbah feature
Pipeline Fellowship Natalia Oberti
Strayer Portraits -Dr Zoppi Rodriguez
World of Latino Cuisine 2015
Yvonne Garcia ALPFA Most Powerful Latinas
Idania Woof Woof outside with dogs
Eliana Murillo at Hispanicize Week 2013
Rose and Butter Pic-sm
Duran and Pino with signs advocating for marriage equality.
Hipatia Lopez partipates at 2015 SBM Summit
Pilar Avila, NAA
Manuel vs Statue of Liberty poster
Ileana Musa, Head of Global Client Segment and Strategy at Merrill Lynch.
Debra Joy Perez, The Casey Foundation
GWHCC Pres and CEO Angela Franco Vasco
Kathy Cano Murillo_summer_2009_crafty_chica1
Ona Diaz-Santin Celebrity Stylist at 5 Hair Salon
Side of Lala's Puerto Rican Kitchen Food Truck2
Varsovia Fernandez, GPHCC President and CEO
Pegine Echevarria
Organo Gold cup of coffee
Red Shoe Movement Signature event in New York City
Claudia Krusch Vision Board event
Silvia Tergas, Prudential and Susana G Baumann,
Marcela Zuchovicki, Jalima and Associates
Casa Latina cover
Thank You in different languages
Juliana Marulanda, founder MarulaNY
Hair salons small business week
Empanada Fork booth
Patricia Mota HACE
Working Latinas and gender diversity in the workplace

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