love while traveling long-distance relationships

Long-distance relationships find love next time you are in the air

This is Part 1 of a two-part article in which our relationships expert Jen Castaneda discusses how to find love while traveling for work (Part 1) and how to sustain long-distance relationships (Part 2).

love while traveling long-distance relationships

Ever feel like you won’t find love because you are constantly on the go? Well, let’s talk about it!

You are on a red-eye to Chicago on business, a flight to South America to meet with a bunch of clients, or just need a vacation so you fly off to the Bahamas for the week. On the back of your mind you wonder, will I meet the one on this trip?

You definitely can.

Make this trip about yourself and what you’d like to feel during and after the trip. Let go of any previous bad experiences on trips and really focus on what YOU”D like to feel this time around. Write all of it down.

What are you looking for?

Whether you decided it is fun, connection, love, romance, or peace you are looking for on this trip, let’s find ways to infuse that in every aspect from the moment you are packing, boarding, flying, landing and on your trip.

If it is fun and love you’d like to experience in this trip, then put a fun song on while you pack. When you start to feel stressed, dance around, karaoke and commit to yourself that this experience will be fun.

If you start stressing about long-distance relationships remember to LOVE yourself through it and be nice to yourself.

When you get to the airport, make eye contact and chat with as many men AND women as you can. BE LOVING and FUN.

If something doesn’t go as planned… FIND the gift in it.

finding love during trip long-distance relationships

Maybe a late plane also means you’ll run into someone you were supposed to!

On the plane sitting next to people who are sleeping? Write yourself a love letter, the type of love letter you’d love to receive. Be open to conversations –even if waiting for the toilette– and ask more questions and truly listen vs. talking. This is to really feel a connection with someone.

While in Rome…

When you are in the destination city, make plans to integrate those things you initially wrote in your journal or on the paper. Even if it’s five minutes of fun or a whole night out.   Instead of being on your phone, ask people you pass what’s their favorite part of the city or where they are originally from. You can also check out in that area to find activities that will peak your interests. Try something NEW.

I don’t even live here!

When the thought comes into your head, why am I trying to find love if I don’t even live here? Listen to this, you are never really “finding love.” Imagine yourself as a powerful love magnet, love can’t help gravitate towards you, all you need to do is fully open the door so it can see your soul.

And I know that’s the scary part sometimes but that’s for another article. For now, I want you to trust me and believe in the possibility that the right love is in your path. What if he lives in this town now? What if he was planning to move back to your city this summer? What if the woman you talk to introduces you to her brother, friend or great single cousin that same night?

We, independent women, love to control, not from a bad place but because several times in our lives we had to pick up the pieces. When it comes to love -and especially long-distance relationships- we need to let down and TRUST that the possibilities are endless and we don’t have to know how it’s going to turn out.

You are on fire!

love in long-distance relationships

Finally, so now your energy has been so on fire since you followed steps 1-4 you run into a great potential love. Now, you talk to him. You make sure you meet eyes, find your own unique way to let him know you are interested and allow him to pursue.

Women say, “I don’t want to be the pursuer” and I get it. But you have to understand that in old school ways the woman was always the pursuer. She saw someone she liked and she’d drop her handkerchief in front of him to let him know he had permission to approach her.

So go ahead and drop “your” handkerchief my friend in your own unique way!

Give long-distance relationships a chance

Also remember at the beginning I believe in giving him a chance; don’t make it so hard to approach you. When you are getting to know each other is when he gets to know your standards. Too many women put up many boundaries during courtship but then when the relationship is going they don’t have any boundaries.

My advice for you is to make it easy for him to approach you and contact you back home. If you like him, don’t play games and get to know him.

So don’t miss Part 2 Long-distance relationships 5 tips on how to make it last coming up soon!

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