Kimberley Casiano, Ford Motor Co. Board of Directors

Kimberley Casiano_FordKimberley Casiano (Born in New York, 1957)

Ms. Kimberly A. Casiano is an independent director of Ford Motor Co. (Fortune 100 #9) since 2003.

Casiano also has served –currently or in the past- as board member of Mead Johnson Nutrition Company, FPYME NC5, Mutual of America, as a Trustee of the Hispanic College Fund, and the Moffitt Cancer Center, among others.

She is president of Kimberly Casiano & Associates, a firm providing advisory services in marketing, recruiting, communications, advocacy, and diversity to target the U.S. Hispanic market.

Until 2009, Casiano was president and COO of Casiano Communications. Since 1987, she served in a number of management positions within the family business.

A magna cum laude graduate of Princeton and Harvard universities, Casiano is the first Latina to be elected to Ford’s board. She met Bill Ford Jr. in the 1970s, when they shared a Latin American studies class at Princeton University. The business woman confessed she used to confront Ford on social and economic issues during that time, speaking up for disadvantaged minorities in America.

Many years later, they got reintroduced in the business world and Casiano was invited to Ford’s board. The anecdote highlights the importance of early friendships, and the benefits of attending prestigious universities in the country.

(A version of this article was published September 2013

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