Economic empowerment for the Latina working woman

Stay ahead of the competition

Strategic positioning to stay ahead of the competition

If you’ve listened to my training nuggets, my radio show, or my talks you will find a recurring theme and that is strategic positioning. What this means is simply strategically positioning yourself as the “go to” person in your expertise to stay ahead of the competition.

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Luis Moreno
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Rosa M Mollo, Intercultural Communications coach and Change Facilitator
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Jesse Torres radio host KCAA: Money Talk with Jesse Torres
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Luis O De la Hoz, Senior VP Lending Team at the Intersect Fund and Board member SHCCNJ

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Latinas say Presente at the Women’s March on Washington

Why we need to be at the Women's March on Washington? Despite being a phenomenal asset to the national economy as consumers and producers, Latinas still lack economic and political representation that can guarantee the wellbeing our families and communities deserve. We will come together with hundreds of thousands of other women to demand what we believe are our rights: to live, work and educate our children in peace and in safety, and to keep our families together
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Consumer debt, credit cards and the small business trap

Many small business owners rely on personal savings and credit cards for funding their business. The excitement and energy that helped them start might turn into stress and despair when cash is not flowing and debt starts piling up. If you are like most small business owners